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Astra cigarettes are very strong non-filter cigarettes that are manufactured by popular Eastern European Concern – TUTUN CTC. Main feature of cheap Astra smokes is their price and their tobacco taste. They are made from Oriental Blend, and their taste is pretty strong and unique. TUTUN CTC is well known company that creates low priced and qualitative cigarettes for all classes.

Nowadays Astra cigs have many fans in the US, many people like their natural tobacco taste without filter. These cigarettes are not for women, because they are very strong and not so many women like very strong cigarettes. One can purchase Astra cigarettes online from our online shop, and receive their unique strong taste for low price.

Our online shop sells Astra cigarettes only of one type - Astra Non-Filter. AS it was mentioned before they are very strong non-filter cigarettes that have 13 milligrams of Tar, 1, 1 milligrams of nicotine and 14 milligrams of Carbon. If you like strong natural tobacco taste, please try Astra cigs out, we always have Astra cigarettes for sale.

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