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If you prefer strong unfiltered cigarettes, then look no further – Astru unfiltered cigarettes are the ones you’re looking for. This brand is manufactured by Tutun CTC, tobacco giant in Eastern Europe.

Tutun-CTC was founded over a century ago. Now it’s a flourishing business, which received recognition throughout Europe and Asia. Astru cigarettes are manufactured according to all International standards. Their taste is very similar to Camel unfiltered.

Tutun CTC uses tobacco grown on the sunlit hills. It’s is rich in taste and easy to smoke. The tobacco used in Astru cigarettes is Oriental blend. You’ll be able to taste somewhat spicy notes, definitely interesting and intriguing combination.

Astru cigarettes are considered to be budget and therefore they are quite cheap. Nowadays, more and more people, who don’t want to waste a lot on Camel unfiltered, order Astru online and get high quality unfiltered cigarettes for much lesser amount of funds.

It’s worth to stress that Astru unfiltered cigarettes are very strong. They have 16 mg of tar and 1.3 mg of nicotine. You can buy only one type of these cigarettes, which are sold in brown and red packs with elegant design.

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