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Donskoy Tabak

The tobacco company "Donskoy Tabak" was founded in 1857 by tradesman Asmolov. The current owner of the company, Savvidi, came to the plant to work as a simple loader, but quickly rose up the career ladder and became the supervisor. After the company was privatized in 1992, he began buying up its stock and in about a year became the owner of the greater share of stock and correspondingly the executive director.

By 1999, "Donskoy Tabak" was producing about 30 billion of cigarettes per year. The 90 % of the manufactured goods were affordable non-filter cigarettes. In 2000 Savvidi realized the importance of the modern technologies application in the manufacturing process and decided to modernize the production process. Due to the introduction of new technologies, cigarettes became even cheaper and more qualitative. Besides, a few new brands have emerged. Among the new brands was Donskoy Tabak.

Donskoy Tabak cigarettes are strong and smooth. They contain 20 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.

Currently, you can buy Donskoy Tabak in two filtered versions:

Donskoy Tabak Dark - the strongest version, packed in dark brown packs, which sort of reminds of cigars;

Donskoy Tabak - a version, containing 9 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine. Donskoy Tabak packs are also brown, but have a small brown stipe just under the flip-flop cover.

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Donskoy Tabak

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