British American Tobacco Company manufactures elite and much beloved by the fanciers of the high class cigarettes, Dunhill brand are manufactured according to the innovative technology and out of fine cut tobacco, which makes the taste of the cigarettes much milder and even the taste of the strong labels of Dunhill doesn’t feel harsh.

Great variety of Dunhill brand has made it possible for this brand to quickly conquer the greater part of the European market. Among the most beloved Dunhill brand are Dunhill International, sold in over 50 countries worldwide, they come in deep red pack will slim golden inscription.

This brand is divided in two types, Dunhill King Size, which is available in the majority of the online stores and Dunhill Menthol, which is manufactured only in the United States to satisfy the demand of them segment of market.

It’s almost impossible to find and very expensive, but those who smoke it – say that these cigarettes are the best they’ve ever smoked. In Europe, the most popular type of Dunhill cigarettes is Dunhill. This type of Dunhill comes in beautiful white packs, which have red square at their center and contains 8 mg of tar and 0.7 mg of nicotine.

In Europe, Dunhill cigarettes are among the most expensive, alongside Davidoff, as both of these brands are positioned as elite. As it was already mentioned before these cigarettes are exported mainly from Europe to all the major countries in the world, but the widest market for this brand, is certainly in Asia, where Dunhill cigarettes are considered to be the tobacco products of status.

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