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Fenix smokes are manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, very big tobacco factory in Eastern Europe. Fenix smokes considered as cheap and low cost cigarettes that every smoker can afford. Cheap Fenix cigs are made from original tobacco that is grown locally on Eastern Europe. Cheap Fenix smokes are pretty strong, and not so many people can smoke them, but some smokers like strong taste.

Today we have many customers that order Fenix cigarettes, they like Fenix smokes for their low price and excellent quality. We have the best price for Fenix cigs. Please order Fenix cigarettes online from our store, and we will ship them right away, and you will receive them in good shape and condition after 1-2 weeks.

On our store you can order only one type of Fenix smokes – Fenix Cigarettes. These strong regular size are packaged in hard cellophaned packs. They are strong and heavy with 16 milligrams of tar and 1.3 milligrams of nicotine. We always have Fenix cigarettes for sale in our shop. Please order them if you like cheap and qualitative smokes.

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