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Probably the strongest cigarettes, manufactured by Tutun CTC Company Ltd are Fluieras. This cigarette manufacturing giant, based in Europe, can be distinguished from all the other East European cigarettes manufacturers by the fact that it concentrates mainly on the manufacturing of strong, unfiltered cigarettes.

Fluieras cigarettes are not the exception from the rule. These are strong, qualitative cigarettes with high content of tar and nicotine, with rich flavor and high quality.

Fluieras means "whistle" in English, but it’s not just any kind of whistle it’s a special long instrument with many holes in it, which is the favorite musical instrument of the Romanian folklore musicians. These cigarettes are packed in bright red packs with delicate picture of tree, pained in white. According to the legend, the first fluieras was used under an oak and due to this fact the oak was chosen to decorate the packs.

Nowadays, you can buy Fluieras cigarettes of only one type: Fluieras Filtered cigarettes. It comes in hard packs and is of king size. It contains 16 mg of tar and 1.3 mg of nicotine. These cigarettes can truly satisfy the taste of the most pretentious strong cigarettes amateurs. They give the same satisfaction as non-filtered ones, due to their strength.

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