01. Ordering and Payment

02. Shipping and Delivery

03. Safety Policy

04. Reshipping and Refund Policy

05. Packaging and Products ' Features

Ordering and Payment:

Can I place an order by phone or "e-mail"?

Unfortunately, we do not accept phone or e-mail orders. Orders can only be placed online.

Will I have to pay any fee to register in your online store?

No, registration is free of charge.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer Credit Card and E-check payment methods.

What Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept Visa. We also accept pre-paid Visa if it has CVV code on its back side.

Are there any hidden charges, besides the price indicated on your site?

No, there are not. We do not make any additional charges. Please note that International Transaction Fee in the amount of 1 or 2 % of your purchase may be charged by your bank, for the transaction processing.

What is the minimum amount of cartons available for purchase?

The minimum amount of cartons available for purchase is 2. When you are ordering, please take into consideration that 1 unit consists of 2 cartons. Therefore, if you, for example, want to purchase 4 cartons, you should indicate 2, not 4, in the "Amount" field in your shopping cart.

What is the maximum amount of cartons available for purchase?

You can order up to 36 cartons, however, please note that we will ship only 12 cartons per week to one shipping address. Therefore, if you order 26 cartons they will be shipped during the period of three weeks.

Will I receive a confirmation of my purchase via e-mail?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order. In case you do not receive confirmation right away, it can either be in your spam folder (as confirmations are being sent out automatically) or it will reach you within one hour after placing your order. In case the confirmation of your order does not reach you within an hour and will not be in your spam folder - please feel free to contact us to make sure that your order went through.

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Shipping and Delivery:

What countries you deliver to?

Currently, we deliver products only to the United States of America.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Europe. Cigarettes offered on our web site are of the highest quality and are manufactured in compliance with all International standards of cigarettes manufacturing.

What shipping options do you offer?

Currently, we offer only International AirMail shipping method as it is the most reliable shipping method.

How long until I receive my order?

Delivery to United States usually takes 2 - 3 weeks (10-15 business days). Please note that the package may be delayed in the rare cases as USPS reserves the right to hold packages during the period of 30 days, although such occurrences are extremely rare.

Can shipping address be different from the billing address?

Usually, we ship to the billing address, which is the address, you have used while registering your Credit Card. However, we do make exceptions and if you want your order to be shipped to another shipping address - please contact us and we will arrange the change in the shipping address.

Will I be able to track my package?

In case you want to track the movement of your package - please contact our customer support, which will provide the tracking numbers. Tracking numbers can be checked at usps.com in 8 days after you package was shipped.

What if I am not home during the delivery?

In case you are not home, United States Postal Service will either put your package in the mailbox, or will deliver it to one of your family member or will leave a notice, and you will be able to arrange for redelivery or pick up your parcel in the post office indicated in the notice.

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Safety Policy:

Is it legal for me to purchase cigarettes?

Yes, small amounts of cigarettes for personal use are legal for purchase.

Can you guarantee the safety of my Credit Card if I use it in your online store?

Yes, we guarantee that your Credit Card information will not be stolen, sold or used by a third party. We do not store Credit Card information of our clients. When you click the "pay" button - you are transferred to the payment page of the bank, where you accomplish the purchase. Moreover, our site is protected by 128 bit-SSL certificate, which guarantees safety of your purchase.

Can I be sure that my personal information will not be disclosed to a third party?

You can be 100% sure that we will not disclose, sell or give out your personal details to any third party.

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Reshipping and Refund Policy:

In case you do not receive your packages within 30 days period, packages are considered lost or stolen and we either reship them or make full refund of your funds for the order. In case you order more than 4 cartons, you order will be shipped in two or more packages at a rate of one a day. Considering the above mentioned, it is worth to remember that packages may arrive with a few days difference.

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Packaging and Products' Features:

Are your cigarettes FSC?

No, our cigarettes are not FSC.

Does the quality and taste of the European made cigarettes correspond to the quality and taste of the American-made cigarettes?

Cigarettes that we sell are of the highest quality and are manufactured according to the highest standards of cigarettes manufacturing. The quality of the European cigarettes is absolutely the same as the quality of the American ones. The flavor of the 99% of the brands is also similar. There are just a couple of brands, the taste of which may be slightly different due to the different percentage of tobacco blends used in the manufacturing. However, their quality is the same as in US-made counterparts.

What kind of packaging do you use for shipping?

Cigarettes are being shipped in white and discreet cardboard boxes. Therefore, even soft packs reach our customers in perfect condition.

Can I resell cigarettes, purchased on your site?

Absolutely not. We are a retail store and we sell cigarettes only for personal use. Besides, the reselling of the cigarettes is forbidden in the US.

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