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Leana cigarettes are manufactured by East European tobacco giant, Tutun CTC Ltd, which was founded in 1924 and is located in Europe. Tutun CTC Ltd is one of the few companies that meets the demands of unfiltered amateurs, as it produces not one, but an entire row of unfiltered cigarettes of great strength, such as Astru, Nistru, Leana, Plugarul and Prima. Due to the fact the taxes, imposed on tobacco manufacturing are very low in Europe and the work force is quite cheap as well, company manages to manufacture cigarettes of great quality, which are very affordable and even cheap for an average smoker.

Leana is one of unfiltered brands of high quality and low cost. These are very strong non-filter cigarettes with 16 mg of tar and 1.3 mg of nicotine. The distinctive feature of Leana cigarettes is that they are produced without the additions of any chemicals; basically, Leana cigarettes consist of fine cut tobacco of Virginia and Orient blends and wrapping paper. A century ago all cigarettes were like this, but now due to the high cost of tobacco itself, manufacturers add different additives to cigarettes and you’re basically smoking anything but tobacco. But that’s not the case with Leana.

Unsurprisingly, this brand is getting more and more popularity worldwide. Leana cigarettes are very similar to Camel unfiltered, which are much more expensive and harder to find. Mover, the majority of the online stores don’t even have camel unfiltered, as smokers prefer cheaper alternatives with the same quality but lower cost. One can buy only one type of Leana unfiltered, packed in pretty yellow packs with tobacco leaves, drawn on them.

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