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MT cigarettes are manufactured by Tutun CTC Ltd, a company founded in 1924. Tutun CTC Ltd is a Europe-based manufacturer, which uses both locally grown tobacco of Virginia blend and imported tobacco blends, such as Burley and Orient to create unique cigarette brands. It’s worth to mention that nowadays, Tutun CTC Ltd has the leading position in the entire East European segment of market. Products of this company are highly appreciated locally and worldwide, Europe being the stronghold.

MT cigarettes have appeared rather recently, nevertheless are gaining popularity among smokers who appreciate high quality and affordable prices. MT cigarettes are very similar to Lucky Strike Red, which cost much more. They are made practically of the same blend and have similar brown filter, which protect smokers from potential harmful substances.

At the moment, only one type of MT cigarettes is available and if you appreciate strong cigarettes you should definitely buy MT cigarettes. They come in hard packs that have white background and MT letters written in red on the front of the pack. MT cigarettes contain 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine. These are marvelous cigarettes of high quality and reasonable price.

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