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Plai cigarettes are made by Tutun CTC Ldt, Europe located tobacco company, which has principal position in the East European section of cigarettes market. Company was founded on 1924 and since that has considerably enlarged its business. New ideas, low taxes, inflicted by government and costly work force help this firm to make qualitative titles of smokes, which satisfy to all international standards and keep the values low. Tutun CTC Ldt is one of the very few tobacco producing companies in the world that still manufactures non-filter cigarettes. Furthermore, it has a wide series of non-filter brands.

Plai is one of the filtered cigarettes and its production has begun in the second half of the 20th century. It is produced of Virginia and Burley tobacco blends. These cigs are very strong with 15 mg of tar and 1.2 mg of nicotine. Owing to their strength, Plai cigarettes are oriented on the male smokers. The name "Plai" is the Romanian word for "homeland".

Nowadays, you can purchase Plai smokes of one title. Plai smokes packed in soft packages and have brown filters, which are very beloved by the smokers who prefer heavy cigs. Brown filter keeps all the harmful substances, that are in the tobacco and permits smooth and pleasant taste. These cigarettes are very alike to Doina Soft as they are produced from the similar tobacco blend and have the same strength.

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