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The producer of Plugarul cigs is Tutun CTC Ldt, East European tobacco producing company, which was opened in 1924. Tutun CTC Ldt specializes on making of small priced cigarettes and unusual cigarette types. In this way, it makes non-filter smokes of great strength and cigarettes in soft boxes, which nowadays is hard to find. To support this firm in the difficult years government has considerably lowered the taxes on cigarettes making, allowing this company to buy new facilities and produce cigarettes of the highest quality without rising prices.

Plugarul smokes are strongest cigs, made by Tutun CTC Ldt and one of the strongest in the entire world. They have 18 mg of tar and 1.3 mg of nicotine. Plugarul cigs come in white-blue soft packages. These cigarettes make a great alternative to Belomorcanal cigarettes, very strong Russian cigarettes, the making of which has been stopped.

"Plugarul" means "ploughman" in Romanian. The name was invented to credit the cowboys, owing to the fact that country of origin is an agriculture-oriented country. These cigarettes are intended for men to smoke in the open air, in the field, Plugarul cigs is made of locally cultivated tobacco of orient type. It's anything that you would await from qualitative, strong non-filter smokes.

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