Rothmans cigarettes have appeared on the market in 1890. Initially they were manufactured in Great Britain, however with the flow of time the main plant was transferred to Canada. They are also manufactured in Ukraine. Rothmans are the synonym of luxury. These cigarettes are qualitative, unique and are positions as elite cigarettes for high class. Their price is also quite high, but they are well-worth the money, spent on them.  

The main aspect, which separates them from the rest of the cigarettes brands, is the unique manufacturing method. When tobacco is being moved on the conveyer it is soaked in the steam, obtained from the line of water and honey mixture, which is being boiled underneath the conveyer line.

Due to this kind of processing, tobacco becomes heavier, as it is saturated with honey. That is why, even though Rothmans cigarettes are quite heavy – smokers don’t feel the strength itself as their flavor is smooth and pleasant.

At the moment, one can buy Rothmans cigarettes of different variations, the most popular of which are Rothmans King Size, Rothmans International and certainly the 120’s Rothmans version - Rothmans Royal.

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